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1. Is Design Workz an Advertising Agency / Design Firm or Printing Company?

Design Workz is a Design Firm. We work with supplied text and images given by our clients. Hence it reduces our production time and makes it more cost effective for our clients.

2. Why choose Design Workz?

Because we embrace a unique business culture that prioritizes customer service and approaches each work without preconceived notions in order to deliver custom solutions that effectively address the unique needs of each client.

3. How do client go about starting projects with Design Workz?

While the actual process differs depending on the type of project, we start off by understanding the nature of the project, thereafter followed by a quotation. Upon confirmation of quote, Design Workz will need to collect a deposit and at the same time collect submission of respective materials to be provided by the client. Having receiving both items, Design Workz will start the project. Please refer to the following section for more specific projects requirement or go to Design Process for more information. For any other projects not listed here, Design Workz will advise accordingly.

5. What happens after a project is completed?

Design Workz will continue to work hand in hand if necessary with our clients to meet their future needs and updates as a value added service.

6. What is Below-The-Line Advertising (BTL)?

BTL refers to advertising methods that are more conventional, but no less effective. Common examples include mailers, flyers, and brochures. This form of advertising has higher likelihood of obtaining a sale as it has a very specific target group, it is best used when you know that your product or service is relevant to this group of consumers to maximise response rate. BTL is also beneficial if you are working with a fixed budget, as payment for this form of advertising is usually transparent and upfront. We have done lot of BTL advertising for our clients.

Logo Design

1. What Ideas do you have regarding our Logo Creation?

A logo can be made up of fonts, icons, 3D image(s), or a combination of all. Your logo should embody your brand identity, and we have designers who expertise in it and they can capture this in design.We understand that every business has unique requirements. So, we help you get a custom logo at an affordable price.

2. Which Industry are you in?

With our experience, we know which type of visuals best suits your needs. Hence, when the industry is made known, we can then craft a logo that not only appeals visually, but it also best represents your business.

3. What Formats does Design Workz provide upon completion of Logo Design Project?

3 File Formats – JPEG, TIF, and EPS format.
JPEG – For Internet purposes or to be used in Word or Excel files.
TIF – Preferred for Printing purposes.
EPS – For Signage and Scalability.
Clients are not bound to either one format and are free to utilise them in whichever way that best suits their interests.

Graphic Design

1. What is the desired number of pages for the Project?

It depends upon the project. According to the clients requirement we will give an estimated number of pages for the project. We will plan to accommodate all the details provided by the client accordingly.

2. What is the Quantity required for Print?

We can advise accordingly on the best printing method based on the desired quantity. As a general guideline, quantities above 1000 will be suitable for Offset Printing. Anything below, it might be more economical to use Digital Printing.

3. What if there is a tight deadline to meet?

We work best when there is sufficient lead time but will definitely try to accommodate client’s requests on urgent projects. Feel free to contact us and we will work something out that best suits your schedule.

4. What do you need to provide to kick start a Graphic Design Project?

We will require text in word format, images in JPEG form, and other relevant hard copy materials if any. Any certification awards, logos to be placed in should also be provided.

*Do note that images downloaded from websites will not be suitable to be used for printing. Reason is because they are in low resolution format (72dpi) and we require high resolution images (300dpi) for sharp print. Please ensure that all images provided have received Copyright clearance to facilitate a smooth working process.

Web Design

1. What is the desired number of pages for the Project?

There are two general packages provided for Web Design.

Option A – 5 Pages:
- Home
- About Us
- Products & Services
- FAQ / Testimonials
- Contact Us

Option B – 10 Pages:
- Home
- About Us
- Vision & Mission OR Founder / Director
- Products
-- Sub-pages for Products (2)
- Services
-- Sub-pages for Services (2)
- Contact Us

2. Is Contact Form required for the Website?

A Contact Form while is optional one but is highly recommended. Aside from allowing customers to contact you, it is also a 24/7 available platform for customers to reach you.

3. What do you need to provide to kick start a Web Design Project?

Materials needed are similar to those required in the Graphic Design. Please refer to Q4 under Graphic Design.

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